The Hills Does the Hawaiian Tropic Zone

Lauren Cockring and her sidekick, “Teeth,” were living it up in quiet Las Vegas at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone. The Hawaiian Tropic Zone is located inside of the Planet Hollywood Hotel, which apparently has done so well as a horrific restaurant that they decided to make an entire hotel out of it….kinda like the original Howard Johnson’s. Anyway, LC and Teeth were, obviously, all smiles as their picture was taken hundreds of times. Now I checked it out on a bunch of different websites and no one will officially name the girl that’s also in these photos, but I’m pretty certain that it’s Spencer’s sister, no? Now my “Hills” eye may be a little rusty since it hasn’t been on in over a sad month, but I’m pretty sure that’s everyones favorite douche-bag sister, Sandy Sanders. If it’s not her then I totally passed this chick the other day on the street trying to sell me a scarf, necktie, and cologne. Regardless, good luck to her.

It has also been rumored that LC will be in sunny NYC during fashion week and, if this is true, I will do my best to bump the Olsen Sluts off my stalker list for the week and add LC to it. And, you know, where there’s LC there’s typically a Whitney…and an Audrina…and a Lo….and, I pray, a Lisa Loveless. Dreams can come true.
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