The Hills According to Me and The Hills the Lost Scenes

Thanks to all you trash bags out there for the crapload of emails asking me about The Hills Lost Scenes and “The Hills According to Me.”

I loved The Hills Lost Scenes because I hadn’t realized just how fake the show has become. They used to have real conversations way back in the day and Heidi looked like she rolled out of bed in 9 out of 10 scenes. Brilliant. Perhaps the highlight of the entire episode was when Audrina farted on the couch. I was not surprised by this as I typically imagine Audrina bobbing for apples in her toilet.

Let me also say that I LOVED “The Hills According to Me. Seriously, brilliant. Many of you emailed me to say how similar many of the jokes were on that show and right here at good old IBBB. Look, I’d never ever claim that someone ripped me off….ever…..but some of the similarities were a little insane. I’ve had nothing to do with that show at all, although writing the recaps and jokes for the past 2 years made me feel a part of it. Either way, it was hysterical to watch and I’d love to be involved in future episodes. Ahem.

Since I’m about 6 days late with this one, let’s use the comments on this blog post and share with me your favorite scenes. You know, or don’t. Whatever is easier for you all….or y’all.

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