Steve Sanders Cheats on Heidi?

I would say that The Hills is trying to create some additional buzz since the new season of the show starts up in a few weeks, but US Weekly seems to do a story with Heidi and Steve Sanders 47.3 times per month. This time around, Heidi quickly dries the tears from her step-brothers funeral and talks about her and Spencer (aka Steve Sanders).

The worst couple since Screech Powers and Violet Bickerstaff, Heidi and Spencer are talking to US Weekly about how Spencer may have cheated on Heidi, but you can’t know exactly what that means until you buy the actual magazine, which I’m definitely not doing. Therefore, I’ve come up with my own scenario of what went down. Walk with me.

Steve Sanders and Heidi probably went to cracked out Crested Butte to spend some time with Heidi’s creepy family all whilst trying to escape the glare of Audrina’s teeth. It gets cold in “The Butte” and Heidi’s recent chin surgery and boob job prevents her from “making intercourse” with Steve Sanders. Steve, of course is pissed, and heads out to the stable to get some good loving from Heidi’s parents horse (you remember the horse from that episode). Basically in a nutshell Steve makes the horse a woman for the night and Heidi catches him.

Yes/No? I think yes.

Anyway, Steve Sanders tells the magazine that “We’re definitely on a roller coaster. I’m not too happy about a lot of things.” Again, I assume he’s talking about the horse.

Pointless Fact of the Day: Did you know that Kristin Cavallari set up Heidi and Steve Sanders? Again, me gusta Kristin.

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