Stephanie Pratt Does Her Paparazzi Tour of Robertson Boulevard

Stephanie Pratt, and her Martha Washington hairdo, walked up and down the very quiet and secretive Robertson Boulevard in LA the other day to do a little low-key shopping. What a true surprise that the paparazzi were there to take her picture. Very unexpected.

Stephanie shopped in American Apparel (which is a store that sells about 2 shirts in 400 different colors) and Kitson (for some overpriced crap that teen-girls think is high-end clothing). You totally know that she’ll be back tomorrow to return all that crap that she can’t afford.

Ahhh how The Hills has made her more financially stable. Gone, for now, are the days of doing meth, drinking a 40, and shoplifting batteries at K-Mart. All of this is alleged, of course.

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