Raspy Coke Voice and Teefs Pats Film “Scenes” for the New Season of “The Hills.”



Remember when you were little and your parents would take you to the mall to sit on Santa’s lap and take your yearly Christmas pictures?  Remember how much you loved that when you were little?  Remember you thought it was the best thing when you were at the age when you totally understood who Santa was and you loved how you could ask him for any gift and you would, most likely, get it?  Remember how as each year passed the “fun” of Santa kinda wore off?  Remember how once you were about 9 or 10 and you found out the real deal with Santa you’d still go to the mall and sit on his lap and take a picture because it was kinda funny to poke fun at yourself and Santa and, plus, your parents still enjoyed seeing the updated Christmas picture of you?  Remember how towards the end when Santa would ask if you were a good boy or girl you would just roll your eyes and answer him just to make this whole awkward process end as quickly as possible?  Remember how you’d be sitting on his lap, completely embarrassed, and a friend of yours would walk by and see you sitting on Santa’s lap and you would immediately tell him/her that you were doing it as a favor to your parents and you think Santa is wicked dumb?  Remember how as more time passed you became the kid walking by Santa and making fun of the kids who looked too old to be sitting on his lap, but deep down you remembered the “good old days” when Santa brought such joy to your life?  Yeah, well, that’s what The Hills is to me.

Kristin Cavallari and Audrina “Teefs” Pats filmed new (yawn) scenes for the upcoming (burp) season of “The Hills” (cough, cough, sneeze).  The dead-behind-the-eyes duo filmed the worst scenes of the episodes in which they go shopping, never really buy any clothes, yet walk up the street with about 15 shopping bags.  This time it took place at the Diesel store on Melrose in West Hollywood.

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