Lauren and Heidi Get Paid for The Hills

While I always felt that Lauren and Heidi were horrific actresses I never imagined how much these two dirt bags (not Lauren) got paid to “live real life on The Hills.” Well if you guessed $5,000 an episode you would be wrong. If you guessed anywhere from $10,000 – $25,000 per episode you would be right. Oh, and that includes Steve Sanders as well. I think the money is well worth it. I mean, it’s gotta be difficult appearing like a total douche season after season. Although you would have thought Heidi would have spent her money on a better set of boobs and a more shapely nose. Maybe she got those with her Season 2 money? Hopefully Season 3 money will allow her to get that head transplant that I’ve been writing to Santa Claus about on her behalf.

P.S How much to the writers get paid?

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