Kristin Cavallari on “The Hills?”

Welcome to “The Hills Tuesday” where IBBB will be continuing on the legacy of The Hills until the script for next season is finalized and comes back into our pathetic lives. Please, you know you are psyched too that I’m doing this. Tip your 40 for The Hills Season 3.

Anyway, E! News is reporting that Laguna Beach cast member, Kristin Cavallari may be making an appearance or two on the next season of The Hills. This may actually be the best scripted decision that MTV makes for The Hills. Let’s face it, while Kristin isn’t as douchey as Heidi she is WAY hotter than Heidi will ever be and I believe that Kristin still has her original nose, chin, and boobs. Hell, if they’re going to bring back Kristin, they might as well honor all of my wishes and bring back Cami too. And, what in the hell is Alex H up to? Toss her ugly ass back into The Hills ring again and let’s see what happens. Actually, maybe eliminate Audrina and give Lisa Loveless more air time. Next, let’s turn this into a reality game show where people are voted off each week while others are voted back in. It can be just like Paradise Hotel (the best reality show that ever aired….ever).

Hopefully this crap is true and Kristin will be back in our lives. If this isn’t true and Heidi stays I hope she decides to go for one of those risky face transplants. If she needs someone to throw acid at her face in order to qualify for the surgery just let me know.

Who Claims This!?!

Kristin Cavallari on “The Hills?”

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