Justin Bobby: Justin Brescia? Male Model?

Da-da-duuuuuun! The mystery of Justin Bobby from “The Hills” has finally be solved. I’ve received a crap load of emails asking me to find out who, in fact, Justin Bobby was, what is Justin Bobby’s last name, what Justin Bobby does for work, and is Justin Bobby really a male model? I didn’t answer any of those emails. Frankly because I was too tired to figure it out, but then I did some major top notch detective work and unveiled the mystery behind Justin Bobby. Oh, and by “major detective work” I really mean I saw this info on another website so I figured I would share for all the Justin Bobby fanatics out there, or shall I say Justin Brescia fanatics. Yes, that is Justin Bobby’s real name, or last name at least. And “yes” he is in fact a male model.
Justin Bobby is shown above in an older version of Italian Vogue in which the photo shoot was supposed to show what happens to models who enter rehab. Somehow a tribute to the Britney/Lindsay/Paris crotch shots were added to this shoot. Good for them. Seriously, Justin Bobby should just run with this “Justin Bobby” schtick. It’s gotta be a goldmine. I may change the name of this blog to ImBringingBloggingBobbyBack. I really felt like it need some more “B’s” in it.
Thanks to some random at Oh No They Didn’t for discovering this information. America (and parts of Canada and Eurasia) will be able to sleep better now.
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