I’m Showing Picutres of Whitney Port Again Because It’s My Blog and I Make the Decisions…Well, Me and Jesus, and Jesus Likes Whitney Too. Cool?

The Hampton’s just got a little more exciting, thanks to Whitney Port. Did that sound fake? Anyway, everyones favorite Hills character has made it onto the cover of Social Life and was in the Hampton’s to celebrate. Now these photos aren’t as exciting as the other day when Whitney’s boob popped out of her dress while eating at The Ivy, but they’re still decent.

Anyway, Whitney is indirectly laying the smackdown on Lauren, Heidi, and Audrina when she was talking with Social Life. When asked about letting her complete personal life airing on The Hills, here’s what good old Whit had to say:

“I’ve seen what it does. It’s ruined a lot of relationships and friendships. That’s why I don’t expose people that I am close to that. My friends and family mean too much to me to get them involved. I told producers on the show that I want them to focus on my career. I tried going on a date once on the show, and it was the most uncomfortable two hours of my life.”

Yeah, well it was uncomfortable for us to watch too, Whitney.
Ugh, anyway why do all these people always ask the same old questions!?! I would have been like: “So Whitney, did Lisa Loveless ever try to touch you inappropriately over your sweater or south of the border?” Or I would have held up Flash Cards with words ending with “G” and asked Whitney to read them. From that I could ask her why she always pronounces it with a “K.” RunninK, SwimminK, JumpinK. You either get a funny answer from Whitney or you get punched in the face. Either way, it makes for a good story. Just saying.

Parital Soure It Up!

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