Heidi Montag’s Music Video. Yes Please!

Remember when you parents got their first “camcorder” and they’d go out for the night and you and your friends would take the video camera and start making ridiculous movies? Remember how proud of yourself you were for making such a kick-ass video, so proud however, that when your parents got home from their night out you confessed taking the video camera and making a movie just because you really wanted to see how awesome you and your camera/acting skills were? Remember how once you started watching your newly recorded movie in front of people you got really really embarrassed and realize how completely ridiculous your movie was and you were thankful that after it was over no one ever had to see it again? Yeah, well Heidi Montard’s music video, “Higher,” is kind of like that except the world is viewing it.

This actually isn’t a joke. It is wonderful to see Heidi “performing” beautifully, sort of like those amusement parks that would allow you to do the same thing, but you had to dress up in outfits from the 1800’s and then they’d give you a picture that was tinted brown and yellow. Yeah, well that looked more professional than this video (shot by Spencer Pratt/Steve Sanders). Anyway, sit back and relax and watch Heidi chase away seagulls with her voice and be mesmerized by her artistic hand movements that she sticks to in almost each and every scene. It’s also great how she is apparently singing her own backup vocals as well. Too bad they could get the seagulls to be her backup singers and/or dancers. That would have been great, although I’m sure that would have increased the budget and they would have ended up spending like $24.99 on the whole shoot. Ugh, maybe for the next video.

At the end, Heidi looks into the camera and whispers “Am I dreaming?” Yes Heidi, you are. Anyway, finally a reason why Mariah Carey keeps on pushing back her release date. No way she wants to compete with the vocal stylings of Heidi Montard.

I’m not sure if TRL is still on, but if we can’t create a movement that votes this video into the top ten countdown well, then, the terrorists really have won.

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