Heidi Montag “Sings” Live. I’m HAPPY!

There comes a day in every humans (and dogs, not cats) life when you get down on your knees and thank sweet Jesus that you’re alive. Today, my friends, is that day. Clearly I am the Good Will Ambassador to “The Hills” as I got this clip sent to me from about 50 different people. Oh the joy it brings.

Heidi Montard turned 21 years old and was celebrating her 21st at a star studded event that consisted of such celebrities as Heidi Montard, Steve Sanders, and Perez Hilton. All hot messes. Anyway, halfway through her birthday celebration Heidi decides to declare a holy war, or “jihad” if you will, on the party singing. Yes folks, singing. Oh look at her go. The way she moves that same arm up and down. She’s singing like it’s her last day on earth. At one point I think she technically goes into a seizure. Oh and look here, she even has a backup dancer. Why, it’s none other than Steve Sanders. It seriously looks like Heidi is having a fight with herself.

Ahhh birthday’s. I remember a birthday of yesteryear when I, too, got completely trashed, broke some shit, got into a fight, fell off of a table, ruined a friendship, and got thrown out of the bar. And you know what? At no point did I ever think of singing to my friends. They had already suffered enough. That’s why I am a national treasure and Heidi Montard is the slut of Satan (thanks Traci).

Heidi Montag “Sings” Live. I’m HAPPY!

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