Heidi Montag Does Maxim Magazine. IBBB Wishes Photoshopped People Could Come to Life.

Who wants to see Heidi Montard expose her bare chin in Maxim Magazine? If you’re on the edge of your seat at your crappy desk at work and saying, “I do, I do” then you are in luck my friends. Heidi will be gracing the pages of Maxim and above are some of the shots they will be using. Look I’m the first one to make fun of Heidi. I make fun of her nose, her chin, her teeth, her lips, her newscaster-like hair, her cow eyes, her high shoulders, and her assless ass. Yes, assless ass. Well I’m changing my tune on Heidi. If this Heidi could come to life somehow I would be ok with that. Sure she’s taken more airbrush strokes to her entire body then Jenna Jameson has taken strokes to the face, but this look is working for Heidi. She is looking less and less like that horse that her parents keep locked up in Crested Butte, Colorado. Yes, I just pulled Crested Butte out. My memory is like a steal trap.

For me, a photoshopped Heidi on Maxim is like a wooden Pinocchio. One day both will come alive. No word how Lauren feels about not getting the cover of Maxim herself, but rumor has it that Audrina is in talks for the the cover of Horse-Teeth Weekly. Fingers crossed for Audrina.
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