Heidi Cries. Now With Hand Movements!

I’d check Spencer’s boombox for onions. Heidi Montard and Steve Sanders had an impromptu photoshoot of Heidi reacting to the poor reviews of her new video, which I believe it called, “Chasing Seagulls.” Personally I like how Heidi has one hand placed stressfully over her forehead, also known as the only original piece of her face. Although it really is a toss up for me with the first picture in which Heidi is crying whilst flaring her nostrils. It really makes her new chin pop! Steve Sanders truly is a great boyfriend as he hugs her from behind to show his support. I’m pretty sure he is implanting a microchip into her back that forces her to get new forms of plastic surgery on a quarterly basis, but I digress.

The new season of The Hills, which is being called a continuation of Season 3, starts up on March 24th, the day after Easter. This is fitting as my priorities in life are actually in that order. The Resurrection of Jesus, first. A new season of The Hills, second. See, even Jesus watches The Hills. I knew it!
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