Heidi and Steve Sanders Engaged

Heidi and Steve Sanders will clearly do anything to stay in the spotlight, even get engaged, which they did. US Weekly has reported that Steve popped the question to Heidi while they were vacationing in Santa Barbara. They have yet to set a wedding date, but I’m sure it will be a major portion of the next seasons, “The Hills” reality show. Oh, and by “major portion” I actually mean “detailed scripted episodes.” I hope the whole 90210 gang in invited to the wedding….Brenda, Brandon, Jim and Cindy Walsh, Nat, Donna, David, Valerie, Cammie, Jessica, Lo, Zack, Kelly, Lisa, Screech, Slater, etc. Hopefully they’ll be married at the Peach Pitt and then honeymoon in Cabo during Spring Break. Damn, I should be writing the script. It would be a wedding and reunion show all in one. Brilliant, I know.
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