Crested Butte Sells Out?

By now you know my love of Crested Butte and Heidi’s horse. I made that clear in my Hills recap yesterday. Well IBBB reader, Hills fanatic, and Crested Butte stalker, Kristy (from cyberspace) alerted me of a Crested Butte website that looks like they use a nice photo of Heidi and her family. Sadly, it doesn’t look like they’re using an photos of Heidi’s horse, which I think is just plain old rude. They could have easily replaced that little kid (Heidi’s brother?) with that damn horse. I love that horse. Bastards.

Anyway, apparently even Crested Butte is selling out and latching onto anything they can “The Hills” related to sell a little ski time at The Butte. So come to The Butte, boys and girls, where you can probably see Heidi walking around with some skis and her new chin, nose nose, and new boobs. But it doesn’t just stop there! If you get close enough you may even get to see her swollen lips. If you act now and buy 2 ski passes you increase the chances of seeing Steve Sanders roaming around The Butte with a boombox. Call now!

Thanks, Kristy, for The Butte tip. Nice detective work.

To check out The Butte’s website yourself go to
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