Audrina’s Teeth and Boobs Go Shopping

Audrina Patridge, in her IBBB blue dress, decides to take her teeth and boobs on a little shopping spree. Now, I’m pretty up on all things “Hills” as I am quite the loser, but is anyone talking about Audrina’s new boobs? Is it just me? They are new, right? I hope they are because I have a plan. I will take Audrina’s old boobs, Heidi’s old chin and old nose, Lo’s old nose, and Jenn Bunney’s old nose and I am going to mold myself a brand new Hills character, in which I will call “Shecky Olsen.” Now, Shecky Olsen will start out as a dog walker and will be hired to walk LC’s dog and then will become friends with Lo. Shecky Olsen will then going on a banging-spree all over the likes of Justin Bobby, Brody, Spencer, and Brent Bolthouse. The Hills will rue the day they ever allowed me to build Shecky Olsen! Seriously, what? Remember how at the top of this post I said I was quite the loser? Well let’s echo that. Good day. Oh wait, these photos were taken of Audrina on Robertson Boulevard. Good day.
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