American Royalty






Wow, everyone is totally committed to the script of The Hills.  I mean, this circus consists of a wedding dress, a priest, and tuxedos!  Thankfully, Brody is being budget conscience and is sporting some sneakers with his suit.  Anyway, America has new royalty.  IBBB is proud to present “Mr and Mrs Chin-Boobs Pratt Sanders.  Similar to 911 and the collapse of the Berlin Wall, you will always remember where you were when you got the news that Heidi and Spencer wed. 

Their 15th wedding of the year took place on Saturday at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, CA.  No need to watch the rest of the season of The Hills because I guess we know how it turns out.  The scripted cat was let out of the scripted bag when Lauren Cockpig showed up, along with Audrina and her lazy eyes, Brody and Jayde, and….wait for it…..wait for it…..wait for it…..Kristin Cavallari!  The scripted rumor mill is swirling that Kristin will be replacing Lauren on NEXT SEASON of The Hills.  This crap will never die!  It’s like the ER of reality television (with more facial expressions). 

I’m kinda pissed that I wasn’t invited to any of the 10 weddings.  What a jip.  I could have been live-blogging from the chior section.  No word yet if Darlene Montag and/or Heidi’s horse from Crested Butte attended, but word on the street is that the horse walked Heidi done the aisle.  It’s been reported that both trotted.

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