A “Hills” Treat. I Know, I Know.

Ah my friends, do I have a “Hills” treat for you. Good old IBBB hit the pavement (not literally) and has sat down for a fun interview with Elodie from “The Hills.” Similar to something that Barbara Walters would do, this will be a 2-part interview because, well, I’ve decided that it’s going to be. How will Elodie react to my brilliant questions? Will she punch me? Find out if Elodie thinks “The Hills” is scripted, what the deal is with everyones teeth, is Heidi as big a douche as she seems, and what’s the deal with Justin Bobby. Oh, but don’t get me wrong. I ask her about The Olsen Skanks, the cast of “Friends” and what Elodie is up to now that she peaced out of Bolthouse. Award winning interview? Some may say so. Suck on that US Weekly!

Stay tuned for the interview over the next week or so.
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