"The City" Makes Their "Own" Elle Magazine Jessica Alba Cover. Kudos to the Props Department!


Fool me 17 times shame on you.  Fool me 4,347 times shame on me (and a little shame on you too, still).  Look, it’s not like we don’t know that The City and The Hills script the shit out of their episodes.  Fine, they “coach” the shit out of their episodes.  But, this may be the most scripted (literally) event that has taken place on The City since that one episode of The Hills where Heidi/Spencer happened to show up at Ketchup with Lauren/Brody.  Yet, I still watch. 

Anypalermo, if the 10 of you who are watching The City recall, in Monday’s crapisode Whit got piggity-pissed at Olivia for taking the credit for “pulling the clothes” for the Elle Magazine Jessica Alba cover.  The two skanks in charge at Diane Von Fartandburp even showed Whitney and Olivia what the cover is going to look like and, wow, it happens to be the shot of Alba in the clothes that Whitney picked and not Olivia.  Drama.  Yeah, so, uh, the real cover of Elle Magazine with Jessica Alba is not only NOTHING like the one that The City showed, but she’s also wearing NOTHING that Whitney and Olivia picked out.  Hurtful. 

My final thought on the recap stands true, then.  The cake in the background of the last scene was the most interesting (and believable) part of the show.  How rude!  What was I thinkinK?

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