“The City” is Not Being Canceled. You Hear Me? NEVER!


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I don’t even know if that was a complete sentence or if the copper wires in my brain are getting tangled, but some sh*it-bum website tried to ruin my day by saying that The City is being canceled at the conclusion of this season.  Oh, and by “day” I, of course, mean “life.”

Like many of you, when I first heard this “news” I immediately got my rosary beads, took a bath in holy water, and then flew directly to the Vatican in order to appeal to Pope JPope Paul….Pope Benedictis….er…um…Mr. Pope to see if he could force the world to pray in unison until Jesus made sure that The City wouldn’t, in fact, be canceled.  I even had him bless my Kelly Cutrone doll that I may or may not have made out of Mrs. Potato Head spare parts, some newspaper, black yarn, and glue.  I’m kidding.  I didn’t use black yarn.  I used cat whiskers.

Well it seems as if my prayers were answered because I then took to “The Facebook” and both Kelly Cutrone and Whito Port are both claiming these rumors are not true and The City is not being canceled.  Seriously, they better never cancel that sh*t because, let’s face it, this is really all I have left.  If they ever even thought of ending this show I would just dress up the homeless people who live outside my apartment and force them re-enact my favorite scenes.  I mean, I’m not an animal so I would be sure to pay them for their time.  However, instead of currency I would pay in tin-foil hats, ripped Walgreen’s bags, and smiles.  Oh, and I reached out to Olivia for comment, but apparently she has no clue she even films a television show.

The City Forever,
IBBB (love and light)

Join Me on “The Facebook.”  You’ll Love It!

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