Roxy Olin and Jesse Metcalf Because That Makes Sense




Don’t think I didn’t immediately spot you, Roxy Olin.  Like a high pitched whistle that only a dog can hear, I can spot a cast-member from an MTV reality show  even faster than I can find Waldo.  For most it’s like finding a needle in a haystack, but for me it’s like shooting side-eyes in a barrel.

“The City’s” Roxy Olin was apparently trying to learn how to read from Jesse Metcalf whilst at Coachella over the weekend.  In additional signs that I’m getting old: Those hats.

How in all the holiest of hells are these two friends?  I mean, from a technical standpoint I couldn’t care less, but I think things like this should be public knowledge.  Court ordered, some would say.

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