Each One Represents My Facial Expressions While Watching an Episode of “The City”


Whitney, Roxy, and some dude who I will pretend is really Jay suffering from anorexia, were spotted shooting some last minute scenes for “The City” in the West Village of NYC yesterday.  Seriously I’m outside every day (at least once), why do I never see Whitney…ever?  I bet they just shoot on a sound stage in Brooklyn…or in the basement of Kelly Cutrone’s summer home.

Do you think Whitney is askinK Roxy why she’s bothering shootinK this dumb reality show when she’s had a reoccurring role on ABC’s Brothers & Sisters?  I know I’d ask her.  In fact, when I’m walking to and from work every day I am ready to shout that at her if I ever see her.  I kid.  I’d really ask if Whitney passed the 4th grade.  I’m kidding.  The 3rd.

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