The City Season 2 Preview: Best. Facial. Expressions. Ever.


So are we just pretending that there was never an actual Season One of The City and, therefore, this upcoming season is actually Season Two?  I’ll buy that.  MTV is promoting the newest season of The City as Season 2  (which premieres Tuesday, April 27th at 10:30 pm) and to be honest I have no idea what’s going on.  From what I can gather, Whitney’s new clothing line is being sold and she’s having a fashion show, which Blessed Mother Kelly/Kiki Cutrone is helping out with.  Olivia, the Sandy Duncan of our generation, has been promoted to a job at Elle Magazine in which she tells people to visit (damn it, I just fell for it) and she even gets some camera time…in addition to the camera time she’s already getting on The City.  I guess it’s basically a show within a show.  If Snooki has proven us anything, it’s that you don’t need one shred of talent to make a name for yourself and earn a ton of money.  Olivia taught us that too, but at least she was nice to look at….like a stick figure in a Bazooka Joe comic strip in a gum wrapper.

What else?  Oh, Erin is back, so that’s good.  I’ve lost count of the number of eye rolls from the preview alone.  And, if I can shake my brain around my head enough, I think that Kelly Cutrone is courting Erin and perhaps she’ll go work for Cutrone, which ironically enough is a signal of the end of days.  Finally at the end, Whitney calls Olivia a bitch for not covering her new fashion line (I have no idea) and then who I can only assume is Rita Wilson (the wife of Tom Hanks) is in a meeting with Erin and telling her she’s not going anywhere.

Take a breath.  In fact, take a knee.  The new season actually looks good, but it may be because the music in the preview clip they’ve used reminds me of the same music they use during Intervention and, well, that makes me breathe fast enough to pass out.  Oh, and I also want to call it now that I bet all the “good scenes” take place during the last episode of the season.

Tune in to The City on April 27th and get ready for the official IBBB recap the next day.  Yeah, I’m still doing it.  It prevents me from jumping out my window.  Basically, The City saves my life.

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