US Weekly Blows Heidi Montag

I can’t seem to figure out why yet, but US Weekly totally blows Heidi Montag. They always seem to be bragging about some random interview with Heidi and Steve Sanders. For me, this is the 8th Wonder of the World. Does US Weekly make money off of every interview they do? It’s always the most random photo-shoots and/or interviews ever. They either take place on the beach, in a hot tub, or (this time) at the gym. I’m not sure why Heidi’s nose and boobs are both crooked, especially after having them “fixed” but I digress.

If you check out this video you get to really get to know Heidi and listen to her and Steve Sanders say such cool things like:
  • I want a summer body ~ Heidi
  • This gym is so tight ~ Steve Sanders
  • Let’s go be the most fit couple in America ~ Steve Sanders

Well I don’t want to ruin all of the interview for you, so if you want to watch Steve Sanders do 10 pound curls and Heidi do lunges, check out the video by clicking here

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