The Hills: Heidi and Spencer’s Wedding

Stop the blogging press! There is talk that “The Hills” is planning a wedding for Heidi and Steve Sanders and…wait for it….wait for it….they are actually in the process of “casting” for Heidi’s Maid of Honor and some other key characters. If this is even close to true and the readers of IBBB do NOT start a letter writing campaign to “The Hills” to have me cast as Steve Sanders Best Man or even the Ring Bearer I am shutting this blog the hell down and NO MORE The Hills Recaps ever again. I am also willing to play the following roles in The Hills Wedding:
  • Man in Church
  • Man at Reception
  • Priest
  • Date of Lisa Loveless
  • Man in First Row during the Electric Slide at the Reception
  • Wedding Crasher # 2 (Elodie will be Wedding Crasher # 1)

Ok, back to the casting. So word on the street is that some chick who played the girlfriend of some character on ABC’s Brother’s and Sister’s is in final talks to be cast as Heidi’s Maid of Honor. Her name is Roxy Olin. Ok, so if plan’s with Roxy fall through, the following could substitute for Heidi’s Maid of Honor:

  • Heidi’s old chin
  • Heidi’s old nose
  • Heidi’s old boobs
  • Lisa Loveless
  • Jenn Bunney’s old nose
  • Lo’s old nose
  • Audrina’s teeth (minus Audrina)
  • Steve Sander’s Santa Claus beard
  • Heidi’s parents horse
  • Brent BoltHouse’s combover
  • Justin Bobby (plus a speech about how “truth and time tells all)
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