Super Heidi Boobs Brothers!

We’re sorry Heidi, but your chin is in another castle! Steve Sanders (Spencer Pratt) continues his incestuous relationship with Us Weekly and tells them that there is a Heidi and Spencer video game in the works. Steve Sanders says, “We’re definitely developing the Heidi and Spencer video game. It’s top secret. Let’s just say that everyone will be addicted. You can definitely play as us or you can play against us. You can even torture me.”

Please, my sweet Jesus, let me help develop the scenarios for this game. I’m not even kidding, this is right up my (Kirstie) alley! Here’s how it would go down:

Heidi would be searching for her old nose, old chin, old lips, and old boobs in every level of the game. Steve Sanders would be similar to that random fox that would follow around Sonic the Hedgehog (in the second version). Steve would be able to defeat enemies by eating them without blinking or moving his mouth. The princess, of course, would be Lisa Loveless and would give Heidi powers such as the ability to sing and perform beautiful arm and hand movements. Of course Elodie would we found in each of the warp zones and could power up Heidi by creaming her up with products by Jolie en Rose (

Other enemies that would be after Heidi would include, but not be limited to: talent, Audrina’s teeth, Audrina’s sisters tattoos, Lo, Lo’s old nose, Justin Bobby, Audrina’s helmet from Justin Bobby, Brent Bolthouse’s combover, Emily the super intern (of course), Jen Bunney, Jen Bunney’s old nose and new nose, the lines under Lauren’s eyes, and Sandy Sanders (Stephanie Pratt) bad Emily Valentine perm.

Oh I pray that I get to work on this. Someone, for the love of God, write a letter to someone. Santa, perhaps?
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