Steve Sanders and Brody Jenner Break Up: Girls Will Be Girls!

It’s official, Steve Sanders and Brody Jenner have officially broken up. How sad after 10 years! However, what perfect timing just weeks before “The Hills Season 3” starts up again. These two bitches started brawling after Steve Sanders made fun of Nicole Richie (Brody’s ex-girlfriend) in Details Magazine back in the day. Then, Steve Sanders got all pissed at Brody that he was trying to start up a friendship with Lauren Conrad again. Later Zack and Kelly tried to trick Mr. Belding into thinking that that school was canceled and Jim and Cindy Walsh found out about this trick and were pissed. They we so upset they punished Greg and Marsha for almost a week, which really sucked because then Blossom and Six never got to go to the prom and that really ruined the 5th season of 7th Heaven (what?). Wow, it’s hard to keep up when girls fight!

Back to the actual story…so Steve gave Brody an ultimatum. He has to choose between him and Lauren. Brody chose Lauren so, when asked for a response, Steve Sanders said, “I wish them both the best. They are made for each other.” No comment has been made yet from either of Heidi’s new boobs. How rude!

Seriously, are these two for real? My words of advice? Kill yourself. Ok, at least think about it.

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