Party With Heidi, Spencer, & His Boombox

Wanna party with Heidi and Steve Sanders? Want to ask her about her chin? Her boobs? Her new lips? Her fake hair? Wanna battle Steve Sanders to a “boom-box dance-off?” Well, if you’re lucky enough to live near the Bortgata Hotel, Casino, and Spa and read this by Feb 16th, you can party with these two freaks. You know that Heidi is totally going to break into an impromptu performance! Please be careful to stand far enough away from her during her performance as her arms tend to flail throughout the entire song. Rumor has it that Steve Sanders suffered a black-eye when getting to close during Heidi’s dance number.

Oh, by the way, “Mur. Mur.” is French, I believe for “These Two are Douche-Bags with Crazy Eyes.” Funny how two little words can mean so much.

Special thanks to Janeen M who wrote me from “cyberspace” to let me know of this beautiful upcoming event.
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