Heidi’s Gun Won’t Slow Me Down!

You think I’m afraid of a little gunshot wound? I don’t think so, Heidi. According to In Touch Weekly, Heidi and Spencer have made some enemies and want to protect themselves so they stopped by Martin B Redding store in Culver City, CA about a week or so ago and purchased $10,000 worth of guns. How “white-trash with money” of them! Wanna know what kind of guns they purchased? Sure you do. Well, they wanted what the US Delta Force uses, which are supposedly Beneli Semiautomatic M4 Tactical shotguns and 2 Wilson close quarter combat .45 caliber pistols, and one Scout semiautomatic rifle. Phew, that was a mouthful. Technically, I’m not sure what about 7 of the words meant.

$10,000 worth of guns huh? Wouldn’t it have been cheaper and safer to just be nice? Either way I’m hoping Heidi actually shoots her new boobs off and I wouldn’t be disappointed if Spencer somehow got shot in the lip and started talking like Mary Jo Buttafuoco. Amy, you bitch!

In related news, it’s been reported that Whitney has just purchased a Dennis the Menace sandalwood 13 inch slingshot……but that isn’t as much to protect herself as it is for her to get into hijinks in her neighborhood.
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