Heidi and Steve Sanders “Film” at Kitson

Busy busy busy! Heidi Montard and Steve Sanders were “working” while at Kitson on Robertson Blvd in Hollywood recently. I say they’re working not because they will eventually be retail clerks at Kitson, but because they were in process of filming for an original episode of “The Fit” which will air on Myspace. You can check out these two characters on April 15th (tax day??) and, trust me, I will be sure to recap the piss out of it.

I think the name “The Fit” is fitting (no pun intended. no wait, it is now). Are they talking about “the fit” of Heidi’s new chin? Her new nose? New boobs? New lips? Sky is the limit. It’s stories like these that get me pumped for the new season of The Hills. How many more sleeps before it starts!?!

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