Heidi and Spencer are Still Together?

Heidi Montard and Steve Sanders are shockingly photographed after having a little lunch yesterday at Cafe Vida in Pacific Palisades, CA. (Please read the following with both sarcasm and a British accent, just for kicks). Wait a minute, they’re together? But on The Hills the other night Heidi said they were broken up whilst she was on a private jet heading towards Vegas? And I thought Steve Sanders said they were broken up too? But if they’re supposed to be broken up how come they look happy together yesterday? Why would The Hills lie to us? For the love of God why!? As a sidenote, I’m pretty sure that Heidi has her hair pulled back like that because it’s technically holding up her face and keeping her nose and chin from plummeting to the sidewalk. It’s all about science, kids. I think that’s called gravity, but I can’t be sure as I dropped out of school when I was in the 4th grade….hence the blog.
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