And You Know That the Security Machine Beeped Every Time Heidi Walked Through!

Heidi and Steve Sanders were heading out of LAX to an unknown destination. I’m assuming they’re flying to Crested Butte so that they can cook up and eat Heidi’s horse for Thanksgiving just like the Pilgrims did in 1492. Perhaps my math is wrong.

Anyway, I wonder how many times the security machine beeped when Heidi walked through? I mean, you can take off your belt and remove the change from your pockets, but I don’t think it’s as easy to remove your new chin, nose, and boobs right there whilst you’re in line.

As a side note, aren’t you supposed to take off your shoes when walking through security? Is this a real airport or is this like a “Hills airport?” Ugh. It’s probably the same set they use for Stephanie Pratt’s apartment.

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