Stephanie Pratt: I’d Rather Film “The Hills” Without a Script Than Wear Fur – Peta Ad


“I’d Rather Get a Heidi Montag Head Transplant….Than Wear Fur.”
“I’d Rather Go on a Meth Binge Again and Steal from Aisle 3 in Walgreens….Than Wear Fur.”
“I’d Rather Learn How to Answer the Phone at People’s Revolution…Than Wear Fur.”
“I’d Rather Be Stupid Enough to Drink at “Da Club” and Then Pull My Car Out in Front of the Police Who Saw Me Drinking….Than Wear Fur.”
“I’d Rather Shave Off my Pubes and Hot Glue Gun Them to Spencer’s Face….Than Wear Fur.”
“I’d Rather Use This Here Photoshopped Rabbit to Lure Enzo Into a Diddler Clown Van….Than Wear Fur.”
“I’d Rather Shove a Toothbrush Down My Throat, Again (Allegedly)….Than Wear Fur.”
“I’d Rather “Do Scissors” With Jen Bunney If That Would Keep The Hills on For Another Season Than Hold This Bunny….Than Wear Fur.”
“I’d Rather Do Dirty Sex Games with Brody’s mom or read the Cosmo Sex Guide on Kama Sutra with Heidi’s horse in Crested Butte…Than Wear Fur.”
“I’d Rather Triple Dip in the Spray Tan Machine, Get a Poof, and Try to Pass as Snooki’s Long Lost Cousin to Get Cast on Jersey Shore Season 2…Than Wear Fur.”
“I’d Rather Keep Doing Coke to Keep Up With Raspy Coke Voice Cavallari….Than Wear Fur.”
“I’d Rather Stand on a 10 Foot Ladder so That Audrina Could Look Me in the Eyes When We’re Talking…Than Wear Fur.”
“I’d Rather Perform Heidi’s Back Scoop Surgery With My Tongue…Than Wear Fur.”
“I’d Rather Show The Hills Cameras My Empty Shopping Bags When We’re Filming a Scene of Us Leaving Robertson Boulevard…Than Wear Fur.”

Ok.  All Out.  Good day.

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