Stephanie Pratt at Millions of Methshakes


Our little Hills minx, Stephanie Pratt, has become quite popular at the offices of IBBB.  And why shouldn’t she be?  She’s is an upstanding citizen and brilliant actress.  A triple threat, if you will.  Anyscript, Steph was one of the latest “celebrities” (puke) to make up their very own milkshake at “Millions of Milkshakes” in West Hollywood over the weekend.

With the paparazzi and random onlookers, Stephanie worked as quickly as she could crafting the new methshake milkshake that she called, “Steph’s Slumber Party.”  That’s not a joke.  She did.  While the secret ingredients are not available, I’ll take a stab at the recipe.  Simple mix:

1 cup of methamphetamine
3/4 cup of grey goose at room temperature (just get it out of her trunk)
2 scoops of vanilla ice cream (pre-purge)
1 Hills script shredded and then sauteed over a low flame (22 minutes)
1 old nose (either Stephanie’s or Heidi’s, if generic)
1 old chin (either Stephanie’s or Heidi’s, if generic)
Once finished, simply take methshake on the road with you!  It makes the perfect
refreshment when you’re being questioned by police and given a sobriety test.  Ole!

stephanie-pratt-milkshakes stephanie-pratt-millions-of-milkshakes stephanie-pratt-milkshakes-1

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