Someone Check His Cuffs for Pratt's Meth Stash

“Hills Monday” continues with a little Stephanie Pratt/Sandy Sanders walking up the street with some dude who’s dressed the same way that my mom would dress me when I was really little and couldn’t fit into normal sizes pants. She’s literally cuff my pants up to my knees and I could wear said pants until I was like 15. Cost effective! Who knew that I was dressed like a douche-bag way back when!?

I’d check this dudes cuffs for Sandy Sanders meth stash and check his bag for the batteries and razors she used to (allegedly) steal from Walgreens. I also like how she’s walking up the street and reading STAR magazine all at the same time. Either an anvil should fall on her head or she should be given the death penalty. I’d be fine with either choices.

Also, please note that “Pratt’s Meth Stash” is not to be confused with “Lauren’s Mustache.” Two different things.

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