So Apparently Stephanie Pratt Has Officially Morphed Into That Chick from Danity Kane




Well, it’s offical.  After buying a new face, which I will assume is taken from The Heidi Montag Facial Blueprint (new nose, new chin, new lips), dropping down to an anorexic-prize-fighter weight, grabbing a free DUI, and adding a little pink to her hair, Stephanie Pratt has officially morphed into that chick from Danity Kane.  I believe that chicks name was Syphilicious or something like that. 

Anydazed, Stephanie Pratt was all frozen face at the premiere of “Ninja Assassin” in sunny Los Angeles over the weekend.  Hopefully she’s taking copious notes on this assassin business so she can take out the entire “cast” of The Hills before the show ends.

stephanie-pratt-2       stephanie-pratt-3       stephanie-pratt-4       stephanie-pratt

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