Oh I'm Sorry. Is That Stephanie Pratt With "Red" from "Fraggle Rock?" You Guys See This Too, Right?




So Stephanie Pratt was taking a picture with Red from Fraggle Rock at Kitson in Los Angeles yesterday.  Well that’s a sentence that not only did I never think I would say, but I’m almost certain it’s also a sentence that has never been said by another living human being.  Red came out of retirement to help raise money for a Toy Drive to Benefit the LA Mission in California.  Since my Stephanie Pratt Christmas Song was such a hit with “the kids” let’s do another one with the theme song to Fraggle Rock.  And a 1, and a 2, and a 1, 2, 3, 4…

Puke the pounds away,
Steph can workout another day,
Drunk-driving’s not the way,
Meet “The Hills” cock block!

Lollipop Heads are “in” today,
Make sure you stash your meth away,
Let the Douche-Bags play,
They’re Brody, Frankie, Heidi, Spencer, Audrina, Enzo!

Throw the script away,
Move “The Hills” back to Monday,
Invite LC to come back to play,
Meet “The Hills” cock block!
Meet “The Hills” cock block!
Meet “The Hills” cock block!

How do I make that into a ringtone?  Anyterriblepeople, Steph Pratt wasn’t the only random chilling with Red.  Check out the pictorials below of others like:  Paris Hilton, Joey Lawrence, Carmen Electra, and the chick who played Becca Thacher on “Life Goes On.”

carmen-electra-fraggle   red-fraggle-rock   joey-lawrene-fraggle-rock   parishilton-fraggle   stephanie-pratt-fraggle-rock


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