It's Not Like She's Going to Eat it Anyway



Stephanie Pratt, the Tina Yothers of our generation, was being the best little scripted elf she could be by serving food on Christmas Eve at the Los Angeles Mission.  I’m not sure the last time someone took the temperature of the homeless, but asparagus wrapped in bacon is enough for me to stop paying rent and head out into the cold streets of New York.

Stephie Poops was all smiles even whilst she dished out the food and pretended to not look puzzled by the way the food looks when not floating in the toilet.  Allegedly.  I always think it’s a wondrous thing when you help out a charity and get your picture taken.  It worked for Mother Theresa and, well, it works for Stephanie Pratt.

steph-pratt-2   steph-pratt-3   steph-pratt

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