Everything You Need to Have the Best Summer Ever

Summer Stuff to Buy in 2018 - Cool Summer Products & Things

Yes folks it's officially that time of year.  Summer.  Ah what can be better? The weather is beautiful (although sometimes oppressively hot, but who are we to judge), it seems like the sun stays out well into the night and, well, everyone is just in the absolute best mood.  We've compiled some of our favorite things to help you have the best summer ever.  From the coolest pool floats, to the most on-trend sunglasses, the best smelling fragrances and everything in between,  let's raise a nice chilled glass to Summer 2018!

The 6 Amazing Suitcase Sales Going on in June 2018

You’ve already spent so much on that dream vacation, so why break the bank when buying your travel suitcase? The sales are over here! You’re here because you’re in need of some new luggage and don’t want to spend a ton.  We totally get that!  But did you know that a recent report claims that the […]

10 Lightweight Espadrilles Men Will Be Sporting This Summer

Your feet deserve a break this summer.  Here’s how to sport that espadrille look you’ve been eyeing since last year. We’re going to blow your mind when we say this, but guys can actually own multiples pairs of shoes.  We know.  And, to top it off, they can even have different ones for different times of […]

28 Best Perfume and Fragrances Women are Obsessing Over This Summer

Because these perfumes are total fire this summer! It’s officially that time of year to switch up your go-to fragrance and try out a new and exciting perfume that will totally welcome in the season.  There’s nothing we love better than freshening up our spring-into-summer scents. This season it’s all about airy, breezy, and calming […]

The 8 Men’s Floral Shirts That are Giving Us Total Hawaiian Vibes This Summer

Because it’s officially that time of year where you can rock your favorite Hawaiian shirt.  Here’s some killer floral options to add to your short-sleeve stockpile this summer. We’re so psyched that big print Hawaiian shirts are making a comeback again this year.  Truth be told, we went all-in last year in hopes the trend would […]

Bathing Suit Up: The 14 Best Swim Trunks and Board Shorts For Men

All that time you’ve been spending at the gym all year is finally about to pay off.  Bathing suit season.  We’re kidding.  Of course we never made it to the gym more than twice but, either way, we’re still looking for a cool pair of swim trunks that’ll make us look our best.  Depending on […]

The 17 Funny Pool Floats Taking Over Instagram This Summer

When it’s time to give your pool scene a makeover, add a little much needed life to it with these funny giant pool floats and rafts. We couldn’t love summer any more than we do.  The only thing that’s been making it even better is all the cool floats we’ve been seeing recently.  Where did […]

The 10 Best Yeti Coolers, Portable Bags and Buckets for The Coldest Summer Ever

If you’re just as obsessed as we are over Yeti coolers then read on! If you’re looking for a killer cooler this summer and don’t want to settle, you gotta go Yeti.  These are some of the most durable coolers we’ve seen in a while and they keep your drinks so cold for what seems […]

Here’s Where You Can Find Those Giant Party Bird Island Floats for the Lake

Yes these are those insanely giant inflatable floats you’re seeing in every lake (and on Instagram) this summer. As if we couldn’t find yet another reason to love all things ‘summer’ these ginormous rafts are pretty much breaking the internet.  We don’t even think you can technically call them ‘rafts.”  They’re technically ‘floats’ but, truth be […]

These Unicorns and Dinosaurs Make the Best Inflatable Sprinklers for Kids This Summer

Say adios to those old rusty metal sprinklers that just go back and forth and say hello to these super fun giant inflatable water sprinklers for the yard! We all grew up jumping through that one busted sprinkler over and over again.  Sure we didn’t have a pool, but neither did anyone else.  We were […]

All the Best Pickleball Paddles, Equipment & Accessories You Need to Crush the Competition

New to all things pickleball?  Have no fear, we’re here to help make you a champ. It seems like everywhere you go now you’re either seeing people play pickleball or are hearing about a new pickleball league popping up. So what actually is pickleball?  It actually dates back to 1965 when it was first invented.  It’s […]

Ten Round Beach Towels That are Totally Instagram Worthy

Say goodbye to those boring rectangular beach towels and say hello to all things round! Remember when beach towels used to just be blue and white striped?  Maybe they had a little surf design on them.  You’ve seen one you’ve seen them all!  This summer it’s all about the round beach blanket.  For us, this […]

10 Colorful Summer Wedding Gift Ideas Any Bride or Groom Would Love

If you’re not in the mood to gift the bride and groom with money for their wedding, read on! As if there isn’t enough pressure to look your best when you have to attend a wedding, you also need to stress over giving the perfect gift.  Typically we just default to writing a check because, […]

9 of the Best Pool Noodles That’ll Make Your Neighbors Jealous

Tired of the old standard foam pool noodles?  Looking for something with a little more fun to it?  Right this way! Pool noodles have come a long way in recent years.  What started out as orange, red, and yellow foam are now morphing into some of the best and funniest products we’ve seen in a […]

The 6 Best Portable Air Conditioners To Help Cool Down Any Size Room in Your Home

Not able to install an air conditioner into your wall or window?  No sweat (literally).  These portable ACs will totally do the trick to keep things cool almost anywhere. There are a million reasons why you specifically need a portable air conditioning unit.  You don’t need to explain that to us.  The trick is, what […]

20 Stylish Pairs of Men’s Shorts Perfect For Any Guy on the Go

Whether you’re planning your winter getaway to that warm tropical island or just dreaming of making it through the winter, it’s almost always impossible to find a good pair of shorts during non spring/summer times.  One of our favorite times of year is when you can finally toss on a pair of “dress shorts” (because […]

The 5 Best Ways Men Can Actually Use Self Tanners and Not Look Ridiculous

Ready for a healthier way to tan?  Say goodbye to the sun and (gasp) tanning beds and check out the top self tanners for men this way! There’s no shame in your game if you want to have a healthy looking glow all year round.  Sunless tanners aren’t just for women anymore and, in fact, […]

12 Uniquely Designed Men’s Sunglasses Perfect For Any Face Shape

Ready to make the ultimate statement with your face?  Enter the latest men’s sunglasses.  Gone are the days when your sunglasses were just black and basic.  Pick a pair that really showcases your personality and, dare we say, choose a couple of different shades based on the overall look you’re going for.  From new wayfarers […]

Summer Sliders: The 8 Best Mens Flip Flops Perfect For Any Time of Year

Because there’s nothing better than slipping into a pair of your most comfortable flip flops and heading out for the day (or just around the house). Whether you’re going to the beach, heading to the gym, not the kind of guy who really wants to wear actual slippers, or just want to be comfortable when […]

Mist Me: 9 Best Body Sprays That Double As Deodorants For Men in 2018

Designers seem to be coming up with more and more body sprays for men these days and, well, we’re not complaining.  One of the cool things about having the right spray is that most also double as a deodorant, so you’re really killing two birds with one stone.  You can stay fresh and smell great […]