Everything Going on at Nordstrom Right Now

Reformation Launches at Nordstrom and We’re Here for All Of It

Alert! Alert! Alert!  You can now get your favorite Reformation fashions directly at Nordstrom!  Goodbye money! All fashion insiders have been hearing the rumor for quite some time and, well, now it’s official!  Reformation is debuting at Nordstrom in-store and, most importantly, online.  “Hooray!” said the world.  Reformation, which is known for their sustainable and […]

The 25 Hottest Nordstrom Promos, Sales & Deals in June

Looking to save a little cash when splurging at Nordstrom’s this month?  Well look no further! The promo codes and sales are on fire right now! As we all know by now, Nordstrom seldom gives out a promo or coupon code.  Currently it goes against their general policy.  Why?  We’re not entirely sure.  Lucky for […]

Incredible Black Friday Sales Happening at Nordstrom in 2018

Because we’ve been good all year (fingers crossed) and are ready to totally clean up at Nordstrom’s Black Friday shopping event.  Here are the most important things you need to know. All year long we wait and wait (and wait some more) for the annual Nordstrom Black Friday sale.  The only thing that really gets us […]

The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is Right Around the Corner

Because next to Christmas, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the most wonderful time of the year. Next to Amazon Prime Day, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the best ways to save insane money on some of your favorite things in the world of beauty, fashion (for women and men), home decór, all kinds of […]

Nordstrom Local Has No Clothes and May Be Coming to NYC

Would you shop at a Nordstrom Local that doesn’t have actual clothes inside? Some month back you may have heard that Nordstrom opened up one of their latest ventures in LA (specifically in Melrose Place) called Nordstrom Local.  As a way to try to bridge the gap between in-store and digital, the powers to be […]