All the Mindless Teen Mom News We're All Obsessed With

Whether you love it or hate it, we're covering all the latest news that matters from Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2.  Oh, and did we mention 'Teen Mom New Jersey' because, yes, that's actually now a thing.  Outside of news, we'll also share anything and everything we love about Teen Mom, minus the recaps.  Those can be found here (TM OG) and here (TM2)

Now You Can Watch Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham Get Arrested in Beverly Hills!

Because sometimes karma doesn’t take that long to swing her way back around. According to the evil geniuses at TMZ, Teen Mom’s favorite glowworm, Farrah Abraham, was allegedly arrested for allegedly hitting a hotel worker while allegedly intoxicated allegedly last night.  Did we mention “allegedly?”  Apparently she was at the Beverly Hills Hotel and got […]

The 46 Best Scenes From Teen Mom You Might Have Totally Forgotten About!

We all love Teen Mom.  ALL OF US.  There, I said it.  While we’ll never be able to capture all of the scenes that made us laugh, squirm, and want to deny our citizenship, we have scoured the blessed Internet to find some of our favorite Teen Mom scenes of all time, some scenes we almost […]

Take a Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes of Jenelle’s Wedding (and It Almost Didn’t Happen)

Well that’s right folks, Jenelle is officially a married woman.  But, to no surprise, the wedding itself almost didn’t happen and it may have been due to the placement of the DJ booth.  You know, it’s the oldest marriage excuse in the world. We’re a little pissed that we were never invited to the wedding […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Who Won Jace in Carnival Court, Jenelle or Barb?

Jenelle – It’s really the moment we’ve all been waiting for (you know, if you don’t keep up-to-date online every day) to see who won Jace in court!  Was it Barb?  Was it Jenelle?  Was it Brandon and Theresa?  We finally have the answer.  We’re first tipped off that it didn’t go too well for Jenelle […]

Wait. Farrah is ‘Heading’ Back to Naughty Times? And DebzOG is NOT Happy!

Ugh, so many puns so little time!  According to recent reports (read: not Barbara Walters), our favorite Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham was allegedly filming a little adult cam show for some janky website on September 13, 2017 in which she allegedly wore a tiny little bikini, which eventually helped show off her lady parts (all of […]

The 21 Best Tweets Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom Ever Tweeted (Hi Kesha!)

Welcome to what I assume is the IBBB Teen Mom time machine! Jenelle is one of our favorite Teen Moms and, well, we know she’s yours too.  Love her or anti-love her, we can’t get enough of when she spews out on Twitter on the regular.  But Twitter’s been around for what we only assume […]

Watch: Barb Explains Her Drinking and Says Terrible/Funny Things About David

Can we love Barb any more than we do? The answer to that age old question is obviously “no, we can’t!”  In a deleted scene that MTV just released after this week’s crazy Cinco de Mayo episode, Barb finally gets to tell her side of the story. First off, how ravishing does Barb look?  The […]

Teen Mom New Jersey is About to Be an Actual Thing (TMNJ?)

…because if it’s one thing you know I love it’s a crossover!  Teen Mom + New Jersey = Teen Mom New Jersey. As if the world’s normal breaking news wasn’t enough to keep track of, now MTV is totally blowing our mind by the announcement that they have a new spinoff show in the works, […]

20 Times Farrah ‘Ugly Cried’ That We’re Obsessed With

Whether you love her, hate or, or hate to love her Farrah doing her signature “ugly cry” really is the gift that keeps on giving. Here we take a walk down memory lane and take a gander at some of Farrah’s best ugly cries of all time.  Some are pre-face work, while others look like […]

Chelsea From Teen Mom 2 is Going Off on Twitter About Fake Scenes (Fake News?)

Chelsea isn’t playing when it comes to crafty editing on Teen Mom 2 and she’s taken to “The Twitter” to voice her concerns over a bunch of her scenes this season.  Now I’m never really one who cares too much about the editing of a reality show because, well, reality show, but even I was scratching my head […]

17 Things to Buy the Biggest Teen Mom Fan You Know

Because we all could use a little extra Teen Mom stuff around the house.  Whether you’re the biggest Teen Mom fan or know the biggest Teen Mom fan, we’ve compiled some of the best TM2 and Teen Mom OG gifts and products, so far, this season. Oh, and if you like Barb and Jenelle you’re certainly […]

Bigger Than Beyonce? Debz OG is Rapping (or Stroking Out) in Her New Video (VIDEO!?)

Allow me to reintroduce myself my name is Humpty, I’m IBBB and she is now apparently Debz OG and, well, if you ever wondered exactly the final sign of the “End of Days” was you’re correct if you thought it was Trump becoming President, but you’re even more correct if you guessed it was Farrah’s mom, Debra Danielson, from […]

Being Barbara Recap: The Laugh Heard Round the World

If you were ever looking for a sign of hope in the world during these troubling times, well, it appeared last night.  I truly believe one day we will equate this to when those two little girls saw the Virgin Mary appear to them in Fatima.  You know the ones.  Either way, MTV gave us […]

QUIZ: Which Teen Mom Dad is Yours?

Just in time for Father’s Day (this Sunday!), now you can find out exactly which Teen Mom dad is yours.  Please note this is not a legally biding quiz.  However, based on the results you may want to send your new daddy a little something. Which Teen Mom dad did you get?  Let me know […]

Barbisms: The Best Barbara Evans Quotes

Let’s honor our beloved Barb Evans by looking at some of her best quotes since she’s entered our heart and changed out lives.  Someone please roll the “In Memoriam” music, NOW!  In honor of Barb, let’s have our IBBB Celebrity Twitter Bomb go to Jenelle this week.  Feel free to Tweet this little old blog […]