The Ultimate Guide to All Things 'Hatchimals'

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New to the wonderful world of Hatchimals?  Trying to figure out exactly what in the holy-heck they are, but are afraid to ask? Well look no further because we've rounded up almost everything you could ever want to possibly know about what is always one of the hottest toys of the year.  You kids are going to love you for it and, well, you're probably going to regret it, but at least they'll be happy.  Check out the best Hatchimal reviews to help you figure out just what exactly is going on with these unique little interactive creatures.

The New Hatchimals ‘Mystery’ is Slated to Take Over Christmas 2018

Still trying to find Hatchimals from last Christmas, well, lucky you because Spinmaster is releasing the new ‘Hatchimals Mystery’ in August 2018. [ Update: April 2018 ] We hate to admit that we still kind of love all things ‘Hatrchimals.’  The Hatchimals Surprise last year was something we were excited about for months before the release.  Well […]

When Your Hatchimal Changes Eye Color What the Heck Does that Mean?!

Because, like you, we’re a bit freaked out and pretty much want to know exactly what’s going on in the little Hatchimal mind. Here’s what we found. So your kid finally got their Hatchimal and finally got the thing to hatch.  It took their hands, their love, their patience, and maybe a little of their anger […]