The Ultimate Guide to All Things 'Hatchimals'

2017 Hatchimals Reviews - Funny Reviews on Spinmaster Hatchimal 2018

New to the wonderful world of Hatchimals?  Trying to figure out exactly what in the holy-heck they are, but are afraid to ask? Well look no further because we've rounded up almost everything you could ever want to possibly know about what is always one of the hottest toys of the year.  You kids are going to love you for it and, well, you're probably going to regret it, but at least they'll be happy.  Check out the best Hatchimal reviews to help you figure out just what exactly is going on with these unique little interactive creatures.

The Hatchimals Surprise is Here and You’re Having Twins!

Ruh roh!  Hold on to your eggs because Hatchimals is back at it and this time they’re coming out with a new line called “Hatchimals Surprise.” And surprise (!!) because it’s highly coveted and kept under wraps with everyone scratching their head trying to figure out just exactly it will be.  From what we know from […]

Alert: The Giraven Hatchimal Twins are Here and Ready to Dance

It’s time to explain to your kids where Giraven Hatchimals come from.  Awkward! In what’s now an ever-expanding line of Hatchimals Surprise Twins, Spinmaster is at it again and introducing the Giraven. Anyone want to guess what this one is?  If you guessed a Gerbil Dinosaur, you’d be wrong.  If you guessed a Giraffe Raven combo […]

So Walmart is Selling Twin Zuffin Hatchimals and We’re So Going

…or we’ll just buy it online.  Either way, here’s what we know about the new Hatchimals Surprise ‘Zuffin.’ Sometimes there’s a Hatchimal that we just, literally, have no idea what they’re supposed to be.  Sure some are easy, but this Zuffin has us stumped and not just because Walmart really has this one under lock […]

The Hatchimals Puppadee May Be Our Favorite Set of Twins Yet

I mean, a Puppadee has to be a mix between a puppy and a chickadee right?  Right?  We’re pretty sure at least. What we’re 100% sure about is that this new Hatchimal is probably going to be the biggest seller this upcoming holiday season. The official release date is October 6, 2017 and here’s what we […]

Yes the Hatchimals Ligull is Officially Flying Off of Target Shelves

…and online because, let’s be honest, who’s waiting in line at an actual store anymore?  I mean, we will to get these, but we digress. Who’s ready to have the word “Ligull” become part of their new every day vocabulary?  If you involuntarily raised your hand, we feel your pain.  As you may have heard […]

Twining: The Hatchimals Surprise Peacat is So Purrfect!

The surprise is out and one of the new Hatchimals is the Peacat! Hooray! Wait,  what in the world even is a Peacat?  We’ll assume it’s a mix between a peacock and cat?  That seems to make the most sense to us.  We’re out of ideas after that.  The point is, is that the Peacat comes […]

When Your Hatchimal Changes Eye Color What the Heck Does that Mean?!

Because, like you, we’re a bit freaked out and pretty much want to know exactly what’s going on in the little Hatchimal mind. Here’s what we found. So your kid finally got their Hatchimal and finally got the thing to hatch.  It took their hands, their love, their patience, and maybe a little of their anger […]