Wanna See J Lo’s Twins?

Wanna see J Lo’s twins and I’m not talking about her ass cheeks! First of all, she made it clear, don’t call her J Lo. Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx and her two new kids that she shot out of her “gentlemen greeter” were on the cover of People Magazine. Check out Max and Emme in a 12-page spread as they sit there and pretty much that’s all they do because they’re 30 days old.

Hopefully Saint J Glow sings soft lullabies to them such as, “Waiting for Tonight” and “My Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” Those were always sweet songs that were sung to perfection. Sure only dogs could hear some of the notes, but that only adds to the serene nature of the voice of Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx.

Pick up this weeks People Magazine at your local drugstore this Friday right next to the multiple packages of Peeps and to the left of US Magazine that more than likely will have a picture of either Lauren Conrad or Heidi Montag on it.

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