Victoria Beckham Has Ghostboobitis

There are many diseases out there, but nothing is more tragic for a celebrity to suffer from than Ghostboobitis. The symptoms are visible and really are evident when light flashes at them. Poor Victoria Beckham has recently been diagnosed (by me) of having Ghostboobitis. Scary.

Poshtoria was in NYC recently having some lunch for friends (Scary and Baby?) and then did a little shopping on 5th Ave. I wonder if she bought a shirt that you can’t see through? Perhaps she is proud of her Ghostboobitis? She should be.

I hope Ghostboobitis isn’t contagious (well I kinda do) because according to a report in a British newspaper, Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx has recently stated she and Poshtoria are friends and she even takes fashion advice from her. Saint Jennifer said:

“It’s true, we’re two friends who share that passion. A while ago she came to my house to help me pick a dress for the Golden Globes. We had a great time and in the end we agreed on the black gown I wore. It was the best choice.”

Really? Somehow I can’t picture Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx allowing anyone to tell her anything about anything, ever.
My advice to J Lo? Be carefully or your Ghost Boobs will be next!

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