Sluts Wear Red….


….but not when it comes to Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx because she’s, well, just a simple girl from the Bronx.  As a sidenote, anytime I walk by an entrance to the 6 subway in NYC I always yell down the stairs, “J Lo?”  I’m cool like that.  It’s sadder because I actually do do that.  I said do do.

J Glow was doing her best “pull my finger” prank to the paparazzi (who are for some reason dressed for a snow storm even though it was 60 degrees yesterday in the city) while she was in Midtown attending some business meetings.  Some people may see that bump and assume she’s pregnant, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a pouch that she has….kinda like a kangaroo.  Basically I figure that Marc Anthony sits in the pouch while Saint Jennifer run errands.

In other J Lo news, there isn’t any.

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