Saint Jennifer Lopez Loses at the Parade

Yesterday was the famous “Puerto Rican Day Parade” here in NYC yesterday and you know what that means….Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx would certainly be on a float plugging something that she was doing. J. Glow didn’t disappoint and plugged her movie, “El Cantante” which just happens to be Spanish for, “I Don’t Believe in Acting Classes.” Although, J. Glow got trumped at the parade because Ricky Martin was named “King of the Parade” and took duties as the grand marshal very seriously which consisted of holding two flags at once and smiling. However, don’t feel too bad for Saint Jennifer because she was the grand marshal last year. Lucky her.

So for those of you who don’t know about the Puerto Rican Day Parade, it takes place every year and has been doing so for 50 years. The parade parades (??) up 5th Ave and is greeted by thousands and thousands of Puerto Rican onlookers and tourists. Just think the “Disney Parade,” but if everyone there was Mickey Mouse.

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