Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx and the Case of the Elvis Mullet


No me gusta el palo de las Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx.  No yo soy un lapiz.  Donde estal el cuarto de bano?  These may be all grammatically incorrect Spanish sentences you may be asking yourself when looking at this photo of J Glow as she exited a hair salon in Beverly Hills the other day.  Yes, someone actually did this to Saint Jennifer’s hair….on purpose.  I’m not quite sure how she’ll be able to sing “Waiting for Tonight” with this Elvis looking mullet on her head.  How is she supposed to terribly act in horrific movies with bushy sideburns?  Will this new hair style end the career of this simple girl from the Bronx?  So many pointless questions to answer, so little time.

While many other websites like the play the “Love it or Leave It? game, I think we should play the “Muppet or Skeeza” game with this photo.  So, folks, I ask you:  Muppet? Or Skeeza?  Let’s play the Feud!

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