Saint Jennifer Lopez a Scientologist?

Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx may need a name change because the rumor police are telling us that Jennifer Lopez and petite husband, Marc Anthony, are in the process of becoming full-on Scientologists….da-da-duuuun! Allegedly, Marc Anthony is already taking his “purifcation classes” which I can only assume will make him look less oily. Actually, the purification consists of a sauna that “cures” all illnesses. Uh, yeah…that’s actually just called a sauna. No “purification” needed. I hope this isn’t true as I don’t want to be forced to rename Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx to “Xenu Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx.” It just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

In other J Glow news, her film “Bordertown” has received less than stellar reviews. One critic even called it, “several sprockets short of a real film.” Ouch. Instead of “Bordertown” they should just name it “Gigli 2: The Bronx Boogaloo.” The above photos were taken at the promotion of “Bordertown” at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival.

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