No More J Lo Ass Shots, Sorry

Say adios to the ass and/or boobs of Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx. She will no longer be doing any type of nudity in any of her future movies. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that she won’t be doing any more nudity or the fact that she actually will have “future movies.” Tough call. Anyway, J. Glow has said,
“In the beginning I did some and I was really lucky because they would cut my scenes out – so there is only one out there or something like that. I’m not comfortable with it, I’ll be honest with you – not at this point in my career. I love the idea of being a bold actress and I am quite fearless when I work but there is just something about it that just feels not quite right to me – a bit exploiting.”
Um, is she technically a bold actress? I mean sure, “Monster In-Law” was definitely a bold role, as was “The Wedding Planner” (was that even the name of the movie?). I feel that in order for me to ever see a Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx movie she should have to be naked in it….the whole time. And she should have to be eating orange slices while she’s naked. What? Just a thought. Go with it.
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