J Lo + Spice Girls = End of World

First off, my photoshopping skills have hit a new level of tragedy, yet I’m proud. Second, people say that all the floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and fires are all signs of the end of the world. I disagree. Clearly, Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx in concert with the Spice Girls would be God’s final straw in which he would just close up shop on planet earth. I picture God hitting the buzzer and chanting “No Whammies, No Whammies, No Whammies…STOP” and then planet earth would just implode.

It has been reported that Saint Jennifer wants to go on tour with The Spice Girls during their horrific world tour. J. Glow says, “I’d love to get back out there on tour and I’d really like to perform on the same stage as the Spice Girls. Even before we were friends, Posh was always my favorite.”

For the love of God, where to begin. That sounds like the worst idea ever. 3 hours of lip-synching. 3 hours of bad dance moves. 3 hours of giving the peace sign. 3 hours of sayings like “Girl Power.” 3 hours of sayings like, “I’m just a girl from the Bronx.” 3 hours of fans of both the Spice Girls and J. Glow. If I wanted to listen to “Waiting for Tonight” and “2 Becomes 1” I’d dig out my old mix-tapes. Er…Uh…I mean….Doh!

Who Said That!?
J Lo + Spice Girls = End of World

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